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The experience and passion of Dr. Gabriele Maragno is the energy for the study and production of feed. Always, the only goal is to think about a healthy and balanced diet for our horses: we take them back, as much as possible, to their nature as herbivores, users of fiber, for the improvement of performance and for the reduction of most of the metabolic problems of feed origins.


A feed alternative characterized by the UINFEED technique based on the reduction of the use of classic grains, taking advantage of alternative fibers not coming from fodder and above all from the exclusive use of high quality dehydrated fodder.
The UNIFEED HORSE QF in the two PLUS and LIGHT versions features:
  • Perfectly balanced formulation to satisfy all nutritional needs of horses with a single feed, distributed throughout the day.
  • Less grains and enhancement of fibers from alternative sources other than forage.
  • High quality dehydrated fodder containing unaltered nutrients from the best fodder essences.
  • High palatability to satisfy the palate of the horse and stimulate ingestion.
The UNIFEED HORSE QF is the most modern and effective alternative for the correct horse feeding, produced with natural and high quality raw materials, highly appreciated by our horse friends.